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28 December 2009 4 Comments

From: Robert Hartzell
Date: Mon, Dec 28, 2009 at 5:00 AM
Subject: Welfare Christianity
To: Randy Peck

DECEMBER 28, 2009
Stepping Stones

Hello Randy,

As 2010 begins, let us reflect on all that God has put into us this year and what treasures lie ahead in the future. Father God is a wise Master builder and He constructs our lives in a way that is best for each one of us.

It is easy to only see the negative, but let us try to look at all things in our lives as investments He’s made in us and use them to build His kingdom on this earth.

May you all have a blessed New Year,
Robert & Cyndi

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By Robert

Today’s Stepping Stones is taken from the best selling business book, “Good to Great.” It may challenge your thinking and theology. However, I believe there is a huge key here to what keeps people from fulfilling their destinies.

Good to Great Quote
“The ‘leadership is the answer to everything’ perspective is the modern equivalent of the ‘God is the answer to everything’ perspective that held back our scientific understanding of the physical world in the Dark Ages. In the 1500s, people ascribed all events they did not understand to God. With the Enlightenment, we began the search for understanding – physics, chemistry, biology, and so forth. Similarly, every time we attribute everything to leadership, we are admitting our ignorance. Not that we should become leadership atheists (leadership does matter), but every time we throw our hands up in frustration – reverting back to, “Well, the answer must be leadership!” – we prevent ourselves from gaining deeper, more scientific understanding about what makes great companies tick.”

It is so easy to be hyper-spiritual. We have some sort of problem and we make comments like, “God will just have to give me His grace here,” or “God will just have to do a miracle.” It is not that there is not some truth to these statements, but what about stewardship or personal responsibility? Think of it this way. Your teenage son is going to mow the lawn as he has done many times before and the mower won’t start. He responds, “Dad, fix it.” This is not much different than, “God will just have to come through (and fix whatever problem).” At some point, we expect our teen to take a little personal responsibility, be a little proactive and problem solve. Did he check and see if there’s gas, is the switch on, does it smell flooded?

Depravity versus Treasure
We have this idea, based on a Calvinistic man’s a worm theology that says, “I can do nothing,” “in me is no good thing,” “it is only by God’s grace,” “that unless God comes through we are helpless”. God has invested in most of us many skills, understanding, faith and experiences. At some point He expects us to step up and do some problem solving, use our faith, apply some prayer, and look for some scriptural principles to apply. The depravity of man is a real doctrine, however, it is also true that God invests His treasure in us and He expects a return on His investment.


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  • Deb Smith said:

    Hi Randy,
    I appreciated this article by Robert. It is time to emulate Jesus who was so supernaturally natural!
    High time we stopped overspiritualizing which can contain dropping our “Christianese,” stop trying to make people into our spiritual image and pushing our latest gimmicks or techniques as “the answer”.
    In talking recently to an old friend of 3O some years ago we agreed that people truly just want to be “heard” and accepted. Those of us as believers hopefully will offer ourselves more this year than ever as the gift that keeps on giving.


  • Dr. Joseph Peck said:

    Thank you Deb for your oustanding comment. I agree with you completely on all the points you make. People do want to be “heard” and accepted, not judged and condemned. Blessings, Randy

  • Lonita Drew said:

    I agree with Deb. Listening is KEY and we should accept the responsibility God has so graciously endowed us with. His wisdom through His WORD is cruicial to living a life that speaks of His love, peace and Salvation.

    We need to pratice listening more with our hearts and learn to give control of our mouths and actions and reactions to God and let His Holy Spirit work through us to help us control our mouths and open our ears and heart more to others in order to help them. I have found that if I just give the 3 second rule in my conversations before I speak that it gives the other person more time to go on with their thoughts or for me to speak more lovingly and objectively and stay on course with the conversation.

    I am new in the counseling area and by all means have much to learn. I am trying to focus on growing in Him that I might point others to Christ and a closer walk with Him while at the same time helping them to to come to grips with every day life, and have contentment and peace in Christ Jesus as they aspire to realize their goals, dreams and desires and calling of God on their lives.

  • Dr. Joseph Peck (author) said:

    Thank you Lonita for sharing your insightful comments. Listening more with our hearts is crucial. Blessings, Joseph

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